Signature Series 4099 High Performance Multi-Purpose Adhesive

4099 is recommended for the installation of most carpet backings used in heavy commercial applications. It is an extremely aggressive adhesive that develops quick tack for those hard to hold installations. 4099 is approved for a number of floor coverings including fibrous backed resilient flooring and carpet to cushion in double glue down applications.

Recommended Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Portland Based Underlayments
  • Properly Prepared Gypsum
  • APA Approved Plywood
  • Terrazzo
  • Fiber Cement Underlayment
  • Radiant Heated Subfloors
  • Properly Prepared VCT (Single Layer)
  • Properly Prepared Sheet Vinyl (Single Layer, Fully Adhered)

Moisture Testing

  • 8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH

Recommended Flooring Type

  • Axminster
  • Fibrous Backed Resilient
  • Double Bond Cushions
  • Urethane Backed Carpet
CRI Green Label

CRI Green Label Plus

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